Top 3 Best Water Penis Enhancement Pump Reviews

Top 3 Best Water Penis Enlargement Pump

Water penis pumps deliver better results than the other types of penis enlargement pumps in the market. In addition, this is much safer because the pressure can be regulated much more effectively to avoid bruising and other injuries.

Having a hard time choosing what’s the best hydro penis pump? Are you undecided which brand to pick?

If you are looking for the most reliable water penis pump in the market, you will definitely find it here. Before you finish the article, you will find a list of the best water penis pump. Perhaps, you have already heard these brands, but I tell you, these are the most trusted and best-selling waterbased penis pump you will ever find.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the top 3 water penis enlargement pumps.

ProductsRatingShop HerePriceLength FitGirth Fit

4.8/5Check Price Here$‌299.00

5 to 7"6.5"
Bathmate Hydromax9

4.5/5Check Price Here$‌199.00

7 to 9"7.6"
Penomet Ultimate

4.7/5Check Price Here $2975 to 7"6"

#1 HydroXtreme7 Review – The Ultimate Hydro Penis Pump

hydroxtreme7HydroXtreme is the gain master from Bathmate. This is the ultimate hydro pump and no one can contest in its quality and performance.

HydroXtreme7 is designed to help you discover real penis expansion results. This is the most powerful penis pump series from the brand. For men with manhood measuring between 5 and 7 inches, this pump is for you as it can generate unmatched gains in length, girth, erection hardness and lasting power. This pump was previously known as the Hydromax Xtreme X30.


HydroXtreme7 comes with a clear tube and gray gaiter. The main difference with this from the other pump is it uses a combination of water-based hydro pump and an easy-to-use handball that will help you maximize your gains.

This is made of skin-safe and medical grade materials. Rest assured that you are safe with this because this is also phthalate free. These hydro pumps have undergone a custom designed dermatological testing and have been proven safe for use.


Advanced Handball Pump. Bathmate introduces this to control the pressure in your hydro pump. Traditionally, you have to compress the pump to your body to create pressure, which can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. The addition of a handball pump will let you control the pressure by simply squeezing the handball pump to easily get to the maximum pressure.

Advanced hydro pump design. Another refinement added in this penis pump models is its advanced hydro pump design that includes comfort pads and redesigned valve.  Thanks to these additions, using this pump has become more easy, convenient and comfortable.

Shower strap. This is the ultimate essential when pumping in the shower. With this, you can use the pump comfortably and just hang the strap on your neck while you continue your usual shower.

Value Accessories Pack. HydroXtreme is the most advanced penis pump that Bathmate has to offer. So, they equip this with the following all for free:

  • Bathmate Carry Case and Lock
  • Penis Measuring Gauge
  • Bathmate Cleaning Kit
  • Bathmate Clean
  • Shower Strap


  • Affordable (compared to Bathmate)
  • Made of safe and high-quality materials
  • Works and designed
  • Increases penis size effectively
  • Improves quality of erection
  • Extends erection time
  • Amazing suction for the price
  • Pleasurable to use
  • Operate quietly
  • Expensive
  • Price is expensive
  • This size is only for men who are willing to gain up to 8.5 inches. Otherwise, you have to purchase the bigger one HydroXtreme9 or HydroXtreme11


#2 Bathmate Hydromax9 Review – Has Up to 35% More Power Than Original Bathmate

Hydromax carries the Bathmate flag with a different name, but the same gains. This penis pump is a great device for men who want to enhance the size of their penis. Hydromax9 is only one of the variations of the Hydromax series that is very popular in the market today.

Hydromax9 has up to 35% more power than the Original Bathmate series. It is also equipped with different powerful features that you are about to learn below. Hydromax series is one of the most effective pumps in the market


Hydromax is designed for experienced users. This comes with a transparent cylinder that comes in three colors blue, clear and red.

Hydromax9 is the biggest pump in the Hydromax series. The front of the device is redesigned to include both imperial and metric measurements to see your gains give you the ability to control your penile exercise.


New Bellows Pump. Hydromax uses new materials to create a unique bellow system that is stronger and more durable but with the flexibility to allow greater suction with less effort. Thanks to this, Hydromax9 has up to 35% more power than the Original series.

New Removable Comfort Pad. This penis pump is equipped with new super soft comfort pads for a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body. This allows for less pumping and less loss of suction.

New Superflow Latch Valve. This is the most technical challenge in this model. With this new latch (or switch) you can close the valve to prevent the water from escaping when filling. With this, you can fill the device using one hand only.

Huge Size. Hydromax9 is not for beginners. This is for men whose dicks measure between 7 and 9 inches when erect. So, for well-endowed men who still wish to grow their dicks, this is the pump to get.

  • 92% satisfaction rate
  • Has up to 35% more power than the original Bathmate
  • Recommended for experienced user
  • Unique bellow system
  • Soft comfort pads
  • Superflow Latch Valve
  • Ideal for men with 7 to 9 inches penile size
  • Heightens orgasm
  • Not for beginners
  • Price is expensive compared to other brands


#3 Penomet Ultimate Review – Industry’s First and Only Certified Pump

Penomet Premium

Penomet is one of the most popular brands when it comes to penis enlargement pumps. This is an award-winning pump. It received the Best Male Enhancement Device in 2012. It was recognized as the Best New Product in 2013 and received Jury Award in 2014.

There are tons of positive reviews about this product, which convince me to try it and boy… it was amazing! The results were so much more than I expected.

I recommend Penomet Premium because it offers more than the brand’s standard and extra variants. This is equipped with one working flask and multiple gaiters to maximize your pumping experience. With different gaiters, you can choose different pressure force. This is very important especially when you are taking your game to the next level and have to increase the pressure during your session.


Penis pump is a handheld device with a clear polycarbonate vacuum tube. It is also made of a medical grade silicone and rubber. It has a floating safety valve and safety release pin which control the amount of pressure within the vacuum tube to ensure that the pressure won’t exceed the safety limits.

Unlike most penis pumps, Penomet doesn’t come with a soft pad. According to a survey of over 500 penis pump users, only very few prefer this due to the difficulties found in the attachment. But, if you really want one, you can contact them or buy one.


Unique gaiter system. Penomet premium includes five gaiters that allow you to use different pressure during your pumping session. Here’s an overview of the different gaiters: Force60 (purple), Force65 (blue), Force75 (gray), and extreme Force80 (orange). You can switch these gaiters to achieve the pressure you desire.

Flexibility. You can use this penis enlargement penis pump in the bath and in the shower. So, choose whatever is convenient for you.

Shower Strap. For your comfort and convenience, Penomet equipped its pumps with a shower strap so you can proceed with your usual shower routine even with the pump on.

Helpful materials. The package includes a Digital Exercise Guide Handbook and a Printed Instructional booklet. You will be guided accordingly if you choose this penis pump.

Guaranteed service. The company is confident with their product. In fact, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty.

  • No need to warm up before using the pump due to different gaiters
  • No fluid retention just tissue expansion for better gains
  • More blood gets pumped into your
  • Increase in post-pump penis size
  • Quick gains in length and girth
  • Harder erection
  • Different gaiter for different pressure force
  • Positive results is achievable in a relatively short period
  • Results can last from 6 to 12 months
  • No-side reactions
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t have soft pads
  • Limited size (not for men with penis size of 8” and bigger)

Penomet Premium

Cheap Water Penis Pump

Water penis pumps are deemed to be safer compared to the traditional air penis pumps because you can regulate the pressure. In this way, you can avoid bruises and other injuries.

In addition, hydro penis pumps deliver better results. In fact, if you look for penis pump reviews online, most reviews are about Bathmate, a hydro pump. Bathmate works with air and water pressure, but since it is designed as a water base pump this is how customers use it.

The downside with this is that most hydro pumps tend to be expensive. Bathmate and Penomet are the most popular water penis pumps on the market and they cost not less than $100. The cheapest water penis pump from Bathmate costs $110 while Penomet’s is retailed at $127.

If you are in a tight budget and really want to purchase an affordable cheap water penis pump, you may try Water Hydro Penis Pump Enlarger + Strap Hercules. This is similar to Bathmate Hercules but a lot cheaper, so you can consider this as the cheap version of Hercules. This only costs a little over $30, which makes it a great alternative to the much expensive Bathmate.

Water Penis Pump Results

As mentioned above, water penis pumps deliver better results. According to users, you will immediately notice positive results after your first pumping session. Your erection will be harder and your sexual sensation will improve dramatically that will surely increase the pleasure while you’re into it.

So, here’s what you can expect from using a water penis pump:

  • Longer and thicker dick
  • Harder erections
  • Improved sexual pleasure
  • Better performance in the bedroom
  • Safer pumping

Here are more reviews straight from hydro penis pump users. Check it out and see how pleased they were with the results.

Take Away!

So, the top 3 water penis pump reviews show that Hydromax, HydroXtreme and Penomet are the best find in the market. Wherever you go, you will not hear any other brands than these three if you are looking for a water based penis pump.

The great thing about these brands is that they do not just deliver results, but they also offer the best service. They have money-back guarantee and warranty, which only shows how confident they are in their products. You can never go wrong with these water penis pumps, so purchase with confidence!