Top 3 Best Penis Pumps for ED

Top 3 Best Penis Pumps for ED

Penis pump is a great alternative to pills and creams for erectile dysfunction problems. In this page, I will give you the best medical grade penis pump that will help you address ED.

Are you looking for the best penis pump for ed (erectile dysfunction)? Are you ready to find out the top vacuum constriction device in the market?

Penis pumps are originally designed to help men fight impotence. Yes, you read that right! Dick pumps are initially not created to be a penis enlargement device but as a solution to fight ED.

ProductsRatingShop HerePriceEariest PossibleSuccess Rate
Pos T Vac Vacuum Pump for Men with ED

4.7/5Check Price At Amazon$$$5 mins91%
Androvacuum Penis Erection Vacuum Pump

4.5/5Check Price Here$$$$$10 mins90%
Adam & Eve Max Results Pump

4.0/5Check Price Here$10 mins85%

#1 Pos T Vac Vacuum Medical Grade Pump for Men with ED Review

Pos T Vac Vacuum Medical Grade Pump for MenFor men who have tried erection pills but were disappointed with it, this is a safe alternative. Pos-T-Vac manual erection pump is fine-tuned to be a treatment for ED.

Post-T-Vac has a good reputation for manufacturing ED products with positive results. In fact, you might have seen their products advertised on the television.

The pump can be operated manually or by a battery. Manual pumps give the user control over the level of suction and rate at which suction increases. On the other hand, battery-powered pumps do all the works for the user.

The kit includes 3 reusable tension bands in popular sizes, so you can choose what to use. It also includes a 5-ounce tube of water-based personal lubricant to make loading the tension bands into the pump cylinder smooth and easy.


This pump has a clear penile tube, ring loading cone and three tension rings in different sizes. The pump is lightweight and easy to use.

Its pump head is spring loaded that allows users to activate the vacuum pump system by simply pressing down on the pump in a repeated motion. Thanks to this, using this penis pump is very easy.


Perfect kit for erectile dysfunction. If ED pills, creams and supplements don’t work for you, this is the most natural option that you can try on. Post-T-Vac’s innovative design helps men achieve a long-lasting and strong erection in just 4 minutes.

Easy to Use. This pump is designed to be used conveniently and comfortably. Simply attach the pump head to the penile tube and attach the cone to the other end. Slide the tension ring over the cone and onto the penile tube. Remove the cone and insert the bushing into the tube.

Apply lubricant to the bushing inside the tube and in the pubic area. Place the penile tube over the penis and create a tight seal against the body. Engage pump. Slide the tension ring onto the base of the penis when you achieve your desired erection.

No side effects. You can gain and sustain your erections with this vacuum device for as long as 30 minutes without any side effects. This works the way your body naturally processes an erection by engorging your penis with blood.

FDA Approved. Pos-T-Vac’s penis pumps have passed multiple safety tests and were shown to be highly effective during clinical testings.

What’s included in the Manual Vacuum Pump box

  • A 5-ounce tube of Aquagel Lubricant
  • Cylinder adapter
  • Drawstring carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Manual pump head
  • Pump cylinder
  • Ring loader cone
  • Tension rings sizes 1, 2, and 3

Combo Kit Bonus Items

  • BOS battery operated pump head.

The Combo Kit includes a battery operated pump. This gives you the opportunity to operate the device manually or with battery. This is handy for first-time users who want to enjoy both worlds.

Deluxe Kit Bonus Items

  • 1 Osbon Comfort Ring, one-time use.
  • 1 Osbon ErecAid Tension Band, standard tension.
  • 1 Osbon EZ Ring, size 4.
  • 1 Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Round Ring, size 2, medium.
  • 1 Pos-T-Vac Mach 1 Ring, size 7, medium.
  • Pos-T-Vac patented easy ring loader.

The Deluxe Kit might aptly be called Deluxe Ring Kit.

This includes 5 additional tension bands in assorted sizes that they hand pick from the most popular tension band styles. To top this off, they also include the patented Pos-T-Vac Easy Ring Loader which makes applying the bands faster and easier.

  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • FDA Approved
  • Adjustable cylinder size
  • Multiple tension rings with different sizes
  • Easy ring loading
  • Fine-tuned pump control
  • Combo kit includes BOS battery operated pump head
  • Instructional DVD
  • No prescription required
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Results vary
  • Pressure is not strong enough for other users
  • Poor seal
  • Poor quality

Pos T Vac Vacuum Medical Grade Pump for Men


There was a time in my life when I was so stressed that it affected my erection. One day, I realized that I couldn’t get my dick hard even if I was already very turn on. I was so scared that I immediately started taking pills. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

It was at that time when I learned about the medical penis pump. I was initially hesitant but after digging more about it, I became more confident when I discovered that penis pumps were vacuum constriction devices originally designed for ED.

I’m very pleased with what I saw because there was an immediate result. I finally regained the erection that I missed. Since then, I always take the time to pump.

This penis pump works as advertised. It only takes a little trial and error to eventually develop a system. This has worked the first time I tried it and it does every time I use it. My erection power has finally returned, thanks to this! So, I highly recommend this.

Rating: 4.7/5

#2 Androvacuum Penis Erection Vacuum Pump ReviewAndrovacuum Penis Erection Vacuum Pump Review

Androvacuum is a medical grade penis pump with proven quality. This is specifically designed to help men with impotence and erectile dysfunction achieve an erection. This is deemed to be non-invasive, safe and effective for a sexual fitness routine.

This can also be used for building up your sexual fitness and in improving erections. In some cases, the use of a vacuum pump can also result in minor penis enlargement and correction of penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s Disease.

Recent studies have shown that aside from helping with erectile disorder and impotence, regular use can improve one’s natural erection capacity. This has evolved into the idea of exercising the penis and the concept of sexual fitness.


This medical penis pump comes with a transparent tube where your flaccid penis is placed. For simplicity and ease of use, this is only equipped with one button. It also comes with a handy-dandy constriction rings to help you maintain the erection you achieve after pumping.

For your peace of mind, Androvacuum dick pump is made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials that do not cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. In addition, the material is wear-resistant, so it doesn’t require special care. This is built to last.


Safe to use repeatedly on the same day. In most cases, it’s not recommended to pump repeatedly. However, Androvacuum slowly draws the air in the tube out and gently induces lowered pressure to prevent the pain completely and offer quick results.

Ergonomic design. This pump is ergonomically designed and engineered to fit over the penis. It has electronic motor that creates suction. It induces a vacuum environment and engorged your penis with blood to achieve an erection.

What’s in the box

  • The Androvacuum power portal
  • The clear tube (it gets screwed onto the power portal when you’re ready to go)
  • A rubber cover/connector for the opening
  • A set of 3 various sized constriction rings
  • A container of aqua gel (a.k.a. lube)
  • An instructional DVD
  • A written care and maintenance manual
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality, build to last
  • The constriction ring is stretchable and durable
  • Long battery life
  • Can be used as often as you want
  • Should not be used with water
  • Cannot accommodate extra-large penis measuring 9 inches and longer
  • You need some batteries to make this work
  • No storage case
  • Expensive
  • Website is inaccessible

Androvacuum Penis Erection Vacuum Pump Review


My first experience with Pos T Vac encouraged me to look for more penis pumps for ED and that’s how I discovered the medical penis pump — Androvacuum!

I decided to purchase this because this is another popular brand of dicks pumps for ED. I was very happy with the results that I wanted to try another ED penis pump.

The first time I used it, I was blown away. The suction was very strong and in 5 minutes my penis was as hard as a rock. No joke! It really worked. This vacuum constriction device won’t disappoint you.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, its website is inaccessible. I’m not quite sure if it will be up soon, but it will be helpful if they will bring it back because it’s more secure when you purchase directly from the company’s website or at least learn more about the product on their page.

Rating: 4.5/5

#3 Adam & Eve Max Results Pump ReviewAdam & Eve Max Results Pump

This penis erection pump is another great option for men with impotence. Adam & Eve is a superior pump that is designed for both newcomers and pros.

This dick pump is specially designed to create a vacuum around the penis. It encourages erection by increasing the blood flow into the penis.

In addition, this erection enhancer and stimulator can make your willy grow. So, regular use will not only give you the hard rock erections you desire but increase the length and girth of your manhood, too.

Learn more about this penis pump in the next section.


This medical penis pump comes with a smoky dark tube, so you don’t easily see your manhood within it. The good thing is, this dick pump is 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. This size is perfect for most men.

In addition, it has a rubber sleeve that serves as a thick cushion to protect your pubic bone. Thanks to this, pumping has never been easy, convenient and painless.


New Master Grip Finger Pull. This helps you use the pump with greater ease and less effort.

Flanged base cylinder. The tube offers a perfect vacuum seal with or without the tapered silicone sleeve.

Quick release purge valve. Enables you to release the pressure really fast. With one click you can easily release the pressure with just one hand.

Flexible Air Hose. The hose is good and high-quality. It can be easily removed or attached to the pump. If you wish to replace it with a longer one, you can also do so.

  • Effective in giving you an erection
  • Helps you grow penile length and girth
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Sleeves make pumping more comfortable
  • Size is perfect for most men
  • The pressure release doesn’t always reseal after releasing the pressure
  • The sleeve is not always high-quality
  • Some pumps have poor suction
  • Suction doesn’t last

Adam & Eve Max Results Pump

Product Details:

Brand: Cal Exotics

Colors: Smoke

Gender: Male

Length: 9.5 inches

Material: Plastic

Width: 2.25 inches

What’s in the Box

  • 9 1/4″ tall, 2 1/4″ wide Cylinder
  • New Master Grip Finger Pull
  • Flanged Base can be used with or without a sleeve
  • Flexible Air Hose
  • Quick Release Purge Valve


Adam & Eve Max Results Pump is another great option for men with ED. The best thing about this is it’s super affordable compared to the two.

It has a perfect size, comes in a good quality and is very easy to use. The one I got worked pretty fine. It’s not as powerful as the first two pumps, which I understand because this is much cheaper, but it works.

However, I’ve also learned from other users that the one they purchased wasn’t high-quality. So,  maybe it’s a hit and miss when it comes to its quality. But given its price, you don’t really expect so much when it comes to its durability.

But, for those who are in a tight budget and are looking for a penis pump for ED, Adam & Eve’s Max Results is a good start. So, check it out.

Rating: 4/5

Take Away!

So, there it is, the medical grade penis pumps that you should try on to achieve your desired erection. I have used all of them and I tell you, they work! In fact, I’m very pleased with how they helped me improve my size and my performance in bed. With a bigger dick and a stronger erection, my girl couldn’t help but enjoy our every session in the bedroom.

Penis erection pumps are friends to those who struggle to achieve hard rock erections or impotence. I understand that dicks pumps are popular as an enlargement device, but let’s not forget that this is originally created to address erectile problems. So, have confidence in them. Also, good news! You won’t be disappointed because dick pumps can also help you grow your willy!

If you are looking for a penis pump for enlargement, check out this page