Penis Pump Side Effects, Risks And Safety Precautions

Penis Pump Side Effects, Risks And Safety Precautions

This article covers the different penis pump side effects, including the risks and safety precautions that one should be aware of before using this male enhancement and enlargement device.

Are you afraid to use penis pumps due to the reported side-effects? Want to know what’s the negative aftereffect from using a penis pump?

Penis pumps are effective as enhancement and enlargement device. However, you have to take precaution when using this as it can also hurt you. Yes, you can get injured.

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To give you an overview of what could have happened to you if you don’t use the dick pump correctly, here’s a list of the different penis pump side effects that you should be wary of.

Side Effects

Penis Pump Side Effects

Here are the various reactions or after-effects that you may experience after using a penis pump.

  1. Numbness, coldness and bluish-colored skin.

This can occur when you place the constriction band in place. Have you tried to tie a tight rubber band in your finger for a certain period of time? If you notice, your finger will turn bluish, that’s exactly what will happen in your penis when you use a constraining band.

To avoid this, you can use hydro pumps which don’t require a constriction band. If you are using a constriction band, you can use warm water to increase blood circulation and decrease the numbness that you are feeling while wearing the constriction band.

  1. Pain or bruising

As mentioned earlier, it is very important that you use the penis pump properly, otherwise, you might get yourself injured that may result in bruising. You can avoid this by using the a penis pump correctly.

In addition, you may opt for a water-based penis pump. This type of penis enhancement device creates a vacuum with even pressure all over the penis rather than pockets, which can cause bruising.

  1. Feeling of trapped semen

You might experience painful ejaculation or trapped semen. To address this, there are manufacturers who make constriction rings with a small cutout that might help with this.

  1. Petechia

These are tiny, circular, non-raised patches that appear on the skin or in a mucous or serous membrane. This occurs due to bleeding under the skin.

Petechiae is a result of over-pumping. For this reason, we recommend water penis pump or hydro penis pumps. This type of penis pump prevents over pumping the vacuum which makes it safer. In addition, you should also opt for a penis pump with a quick release valve to allow the vacuum to be released as soon as possible.

  1. Unnatural feeling erections

Using penis pumps may cause an unnatural feeling of erections. You will know this when you feel hard but experience a lack of firmness at the base of your dick, which allows your penis to rotate or pivot more than it would naturally.

This shouldn’t bother you though as this is very common and not harmful. However, you have to use your hands to direct the position of the penis to alleviate its uncontrolled movements.

  1. Awkwardness

Using a penis pump can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. The entire process needs dedication and patience. If you are married or living with your partner it may take some time for both of you to get really comfortable with this male enlargement device.

  1. Dependency

According to Prajakta Nigaam, regular users of penis pumps claim that once they have tried the device and rely on it from time to time, there is a tendency to be dependent on it. Thus, they couldn’t get an erection without the use of a penis pump.



Penis pumps are generally safe and have no side-effects if you know how to use it. However, you still need to take caution as it involves a number of risks, which are as follows.

  1. Increased risk of bleeding

Increased risk of bleeding. Penis pumps can increase the risk of bleeding for those who take blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin™), clopidogrel (Plavix™), apixaban (Eliquis™), and some over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil™, Motrin™ IB, others), or naproxen.

  1. Not safe for those with sickle cell anemia or blood disorder

This is also not safe for those with blood disorder as it may make one susceptible to blood clots or bleeding. Thus, it’s always recommended that you check with your doctor if penis pump is safe for you considering your medical condition.

Safety Precautions

Safety PrecautionsTo avoid the side effects and risks mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you read this section. Here are some things you should observe before and during your penis pump session.


To avoid bruises, using a lubricant can help. Make it a habit to always lubricate your dick before inserting it into the device’s cylindrical tube.

Mind your pumping speed

Start to pump slowly and do not over-pump. Over-pumping can cause serious damage to your manhood.

Stick to the recommended session

If you are a beginner, the recommended minutes is only 10-15 minutes per session. Although it is tempting to do more sessions, it won’t help you. You might only get yourself injured. So, take it easy and take it slow. You will see progress after weeks or months, the process just needs time.

Speak with your doctor

Before using a penis pump, it’s best if you discuss your plans with your doctor if it is suitable and safe for your condition. During your checkup, your doctor may ask you a wide variety of question about your health, the medication your take, injuries you incur in the past or any surgical invention that involves your penis, testicles, or prostate. The medical professional may also ask if you had any ED treatment in the past and how they worked.

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How Long Do The Effects of a Penis Pump Last

How Long Do The Effects of a Penis Pump LastThere is no exact science behind how long the effects of a penis pump can last. A number of men claimed that they only enjoyed the effects after a few hours. Other said that they only noticed the hardness to last for a few minutes.

However, we figured out that this depends on how long you are willing to use the device and if you use it right. A number of men, including, me can attest to its long-term results.

I have been pumping for months and the length of my penis has grown to over an inch compared to the time I haven’t used this penis enlargement device. I am able to maintain the gains by sticking to a penis pump routine. If you want to enjoy the same growth, you have to be committed.

Long Term Effects of Penis Pump 

Long Term Effects of Penis Pump Penis pumps are designed as a solution to impotence. According to one study, pumps also known as vacuum constriction device is effective in helping men improve their quality of erection and performance in the bedroom.

Men were group into two. Group 1 was emailed an initial questionnaire and Group 2 received a long-term questionnaire. Regular use of the vacuum constriction was reported by 69% in group 1 and 70% in group 2.

The quality of erection was evaluated for hardness, length and circumference. Both groups reported a satisfaction rating of over 90%.

Seventy-nine percent of the patients in group 2 reported a statistically significant increase in the frequency of intercourse per month in the first year. Seventy-seven percent of them sustained it beyond the first year.

Aside from enhancing your performance, it can also help you grow your penis length and girth long-term or permanently. I know many might object, but for us who stick to a penis pump routine, you can maintain and even increase your gains over time.

Take Away!

Penis pumps offer tons of benefits including solid erection, length and girth growth, and more. By using this, you can unleash the beast in you and pleasure your girls in ways she didn’t expect from you. Pretty sure, she will love it.

However, you should still take caution because there are risks that come along with it. Also, although penis pumps are generally safe, there are side-effects that you should watch out for.

Overall, penis pump benefits outweigh its side effects. But still, you should always be careful and never over pump.