Penis Enhancement Pump Before and After Results

Penis Enlargement Pump Before and After Results

What’s the result after using a penis pump? Can I see penis pump before and after pictures?

I often hear these questions. Honestly, I asked the same at one point in my life. I had always been insecure about the size of my willy and wanted to try different methods to enhance and enlarge it. I heard from a friend that penis pumps worked for him, so I considered to try it, too.

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I did my research and was blown away with the positive reviews and testimonials I read online. But, there were contradicting information online.

According to a study from Tehran University “vacuum treatment” can increase penis size but not significantly. The study was conducted between September 2003 and November 2004 and involved a group of 37 men who used penis pumps three times a week for six months.

“After six months, the mean penile length had increased from 7.6 cm to 7.9 cm (no significant difference). The efficacy of vacuum treatment was ≈ 10%, and the patient satisfaction rate was 30%,” the study reported.

Also, there were anecdotal claims supporting that penis pumps’ results aren’t permanent.

“This product is useless, sure it made my penis grow a little bit more, but as soon as I released the air my penis went with it. No point of using something that only gets a 3rd of the job done,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

On the other hand, I also learned from others that sticking with a penis pump routine can help maintain the gain or at least enjoy it long-term. As The 5×5 Project puts it, “Think of it more like bodybuilding. When you use it regularly to exercise your penis, the tissues in your penis gets used to the expansion, which makes your penis bigger.”

Also, there are a lot of videos on YouTube speaking about their successful gains after pumping. In fact, pumping also worked for transgender it only depends on one’s commitment.

“There are numerous accounts of trans guys who have increased the size of their penis with a daily regimen of pumping. However, success with pumping depends on a high level of commitment and patience. For best results, pump twice a day, morning and night,” the report reads

This has convinced to give penis pumps a try. In fact, after reading successful penis pump stories, I was very excited to try it, so I looked for different pumps and get the one that isn’t so cheap and isn’t so expensive but has great reviews.

I’ll share my personal experience and results in the next section.

Penis Enlargement Pump Results

Penomet-penis-growthI must say, using a penis pump is not that easy. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Also, you need dedication to see results. Since, I read positive reviews and noticed that those who see impressive gains stick to their penis pump routine, I made up my mind to do the same.

After two weeks, I noticed a slight increase in my penis length and girth. I actually find it too early to see changes and it inspired me to continue using the pump. After 3 months, I gained over an inch. Man, that was more than what I expected. Quite fast!

I am satisfied with the results. I am amazed at my thicker and bigger dick. In addition, my erections are stronger and better! In fact, my girlfriend can’t help but notice the difference in my performance and she loves it.

There’s no other way to prove these than share with you how penis pumps can help grow dicks by showing you how it works to others, too. So, you will see more penis pump results in the next section.

Before and After Penis Pump Pictures

I understand that some of you want to see penis pump before and after pictures to be convinced of the device’s effectiveness. I won’t let you down, so here are some images from different penis pump users who documented their gains before and after using a dick pump.

Penis Pump Before and After Video

Still unconvinced with the photos? It’s time to hear straight from those men who documented their penis pump journey by taking videos.

Here’s a clip from a Bathmate user. Based on his testimonial, he has the followings measurement before and after using a penis pump.

Week 1 (Flaccid) Length: 3.5″ Diameter: 1.2″

Week 6 (Flaccid) Length: 4.4″ Diameter: 1.8″

Week 1 (Post) Length: 5.4″ Diameter: 1.6″

Week 6 (Post) Length: 7.1.” Diameter: 2.0″

Week 6 (Erect) Length: 7.0″ Diameter: 1.9″

For the said documentation, Matt used the Hydromax pump daily without fail for 6 weeks both in the bath and shower.

“It was a very new experience to be naked on camera and using the Hydromax Xtreme!  I have achieved more size than any of us expected from the penis pump, it was pleasurable, easy to use, great results and I would truly recommend the product to anyone wanting to gain a bigger cock. I hope all the viewers liked the videos and found them helpful, humorous and interesting,” Matt said about his penis pump before and after video.

Water Penis pump results

penis pump workWater-based penis pumps are considered safer than the traditional air pumps. Is it more effective?

Penomet, one of the most popular water penis pumps has made a study showing a steady increase in penis size for six months with regular use of Penomet penis pump. Based on the table below, in a month you can gain over 5%. After six months, the hydro penis pump results show that the length of your penis can grow to over 25%. Isn’t that cool?

Bathmate Penis Pump Results

Bathmate is probably the most popular brand of penis pumps in the market. Bathmates are hydropumps, they are designed to be used with water in the bath or shower.

This penis pumps became an instant hit with guys all over the world because it is effective. In fact, there are numerous before and after pictures, reviews and videos of men using Bathmate during their penis pump session.

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Penis Pump Gains and Growth

Penis pump is effective in helping you grow your penis length and girth. The good thing with this male enlargement device is that the growth can be long-term or permanent!

If you stick to a penis pump routine, you will likely maintain the gains or growth you achieve from using this app.Otherwise, your dick will eventually return to its original size.

Take Away!

Based on the penis pumps before and after photos, this type of enlargement device works! In fact, men who use this are able to grow their penis length by about 2-3 inches and their girth by about an inch.

The video also shows that penis pump results are instant. You can immediately see and feel it after your pumping session. Most of all, the gains can last.

If you want to grow your dick, a penis pump is a great way to go! It’s affordable, safe and effective. Try it today!