How to Use a Penis Pump Properly | Instructional Guide

What are penis pumps for? How to use it?

When I was new to dick pumps, I was also wondering about the same thing. I hear this from a number of men but was too shy to ask. If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you are just on the right page.

This article aims to give you a concrete idea on how to use a penis pump properly and effectively. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Penis Pump Instructions

To give you a comprehensive instruction on how to use penis pumps, let’s get started by familiarizing its different parts. Below is a photo of a dick pump that you will usually find in the market.

Penis Pump Instructions

A penis pump is consists of a pump attached to a cylinder tube with a comfort sleeve or seal and a flexible tube. Here’s an overview of each part.

Pumping cylinder/chamber. This is the part of the device where you will place your penis in. This can be made in different materials like plastic, fiberglass or glass. The structure should be sturdy enough to withstand a certain amount of vacuum pressure that comes with pumping and large enough to accommodate different penis sizes. Some come with a gauge where you can easily measure your member and monitor your gains.

Tube. A flexible tube is used to transport the air and create a vacuum during pumping to the cylinder or chamber.

Sleeve, penis band or constriction ring. Penis pumps usually come with a sleeve for a good sealing power. This is necessary to produce a powerful vacuum and make the pump system effective. You will usually find this on the base of the airtight chamber. It provides a tight grip on the base of the erect penis and keeps the cylinder airtight.

Hand pump. This is used to create a suction. This is the part of the device that draws air from the chamber during the enlargement process. This is usually connected to the cylinder by a flexible tube where the air passes out towards the pump. However, this may not be present in electric penis pumps which are powered by batteries or are rechargeable.

Quick release air valve. This allows for a vacuum to be released as soon as possible.

Best Proper Way to Use a Penis Pump

Now, that you are already familiar with the different parts of a penis pump, it’s time to start pumping. How do you use a penis pump? Here’s how to start right and do it accurately to see results.

Step 1: Read the Manual.

I understand that it’s easy to skip this, but reading the manual is very important. You are dealing with something involving your genitalia, so you shouldn’t take any chances. Reading the manual is part of taking precaution. So, pick the manual and read!

Step 2: Use Lubricant

This isn’t required but for additional comfort, apply a lubricant to the opening of the pump.

Step 3: Check the pump

Make sure that the pump is clean and ready. If you are using a hydro pump, make sure that it has water.

Step 4:  Insert

When you’re ready and the pump is ready, it’s time to slip your member insider the cylinder. Depending on the pump you can have your penis flaccid, hard or semi-erect.

Step 5: Create a vacuum

Press the base of the pump firmly to your body, creating an airtight seal between your skin and the pump. Please note that it might be necessary to trim the pubic hair around the base of the penis so that the pump can sit completely flat against your pubic bone.

Step 6: Consider your pump

Depending on the type of your dick pump, you may either need to place your finger over the quick release valve or twist it so that it shut.

Step 7: Pump

If you are using a manual pump, pump slowly. Between each pump, allow your penis to adjust to the changing pressure within the chamber before squeezing the bulb for a second or third time. Continue pumping until fully erect.

Step 8: Session

Don’t forget that you have to time your penis pump per session. You can’t just pump as long as you want because you might get your manhood injured. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you pump 10 to 15 minutes and not exceed this.

Step 9: Deflate

After your session, release the air pressure valve or turn to open it. This will release the vacuum you created within the pump, so you can remove your penis easily.

Step 10: Check your penis.

Check your dick for any unusual discoloration. It might look a bit more purple than usual. If there is any serious change in color or pain, you should stop. If everything feels alright, you can continue for another session.

Penis Pump Effectiveness

Considering the number of men using penis pump and reading their testimonials and reviews, yes penis pump is effective. I personally tried this and it worked for me, too!

Study 1: Penis pumps effective maintaining penile length after a surgery

According to one study, 42 men underwent a radical prostatectomy. They had a good sexual function prior to the procedure. A day after their catheters were removed, they began using a penis pump for 90 days.

Thirty-six men used a penis pump and 50% of the 90 days and only one of them had a decrease in penis length of 1.0 centimeter. On the other hand, a previous research showed that 48% of men had a significant reduction in penis length after prostatectomy. So, the use of penis pump soon after the surgery is an effective way to preserve your penis length.

Study 2: Vacuum Constriction Device for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Penis pumps are also called VCD (vacuum constriction device) as it is used to alleviate erection problems. According to another study, VCD is indeed effective in helping with ED achieve an erection.

About 50% to 80% of men with ED are satisfied with the results of using VCDs in helping them achieve an erection and perform in the bedroom.

Study 3: Dick pumps for penis enlargement

A study published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2006 reveals that using a penis pump can product minor increase in the penis. The research includes a group of men who used penis pumps three times a week for 20 minutes each session over a period of six months.

The researchers learned that there was an average increase of 0.3 centimeters which is not statistically significant. However, 30% of the men who participated in the study were already satisfied with it.

Blogs: Penis pump for enlargement

Although the result of the study shows that the increase was insignificant, men who are using a penis pump, including me, can attest to its effectiveness in enlarging our dicks. I experience over an inch growth in my member and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m so happy with the results that I am still using it until today. I am aiming to have 2.5 inches gain in length.

To convince you, check out the following blogs.

How Long to Use Penis Pump

When I was still a penis pump newbie I was asking myself “how long should I pump my penis
”? Of course, I don’t want to take risks and injure myself in the process because I only have one penis and I can’t afford to mess it up.

I did my research on how long to keep penis pump on. I reached out to penis pump forums to get an idea and eventually learned that you should only use this for a couple of minutes.

So, how long do you use a penis pump?

The general rule suggests that you take 3-5 minute break every 15-minute session of high-level pumping. At low-level pumping, the in-tube time between breaks can go as high up to 30 minutes.

Taking breaks during your pumping session is not an option, it’s a must. This is helpful in stimulating the blood flow. Also, as you take a break, you release the pressure build-up in the penile tissues.

To be guided accordingly as to how long you can do penis pumps, here’s an overview:

Beginners: Max 30 minutes and show not exceed 2 sessions per day.

Intermediate: Max 1.5 hours in multiple sessions per day.

Advanced: Max 3 hours in numerous sessions per day.

Just be reminded that you shouldn’t use a penis pump for more than 20 minutes. For your safety, do not ever try pumping longer than what was recommended.

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How Often Should I Use a Penis Pump

If you are looking for permanent results, you can use a penis pump on a daily basis. This will cause the blood vessels in your penis shaft to expand to allow for more blood to flow into the erectile chambers.

This process will result in a harder and bigger erection within a few minutes. The more frequent you use the better the results.

However, just like working out, you also need to have rest days. This will allow the penis tissue to recover. You have to practice one rest day a week.

When it comes to daily usage, beginners should stick to 2 sessions only (15 minutes per session). Intermediate and advanced users can have more sessions as they have already adjusted well to the activity.

Take Away!

Penis pumps are effective in helping men like you enlarge your dick and enhance your performance. However, you should use this enlargement device properly to see results. Otherwise, you won’t see any changes in your length and girth.

In addition, for your safety, do not over pump. Stick with the recommended minutes per session. Always, remember that you only have willy and you can’t replace that. So, safety first!

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