How I Treat My ED – My Experience With Erectile Dysfunction

My very awkward and embarrassing experience with Erectile Dysfunction.

I remember not too long ago, the series of unfortunate incidents that occurred between my girlfriend and I. Karen* ( Not her real name) had gotten fed up. She didn’t say, and she hid her feelings, but I could tell.

She didn’t want me to feel bad, especially with all that I was going through. Work was hell, and I was extremely stressed out. Every time we tried to have sex, for some reason, I couldn’t maintain an erection. In the beginning, we thought it was just a small phase I was going through.

Then Karen thought I probably didn’t find her attractive anymore, and it took me quite a while to convince her that was not the case. My ED problems got worse, and I’m sure you are probably thinking, hey, “what can be worse than not getting it up?”

Well, when that awkward situation begins to threaten your relationship by sowing a seed of mistrust in your partner, leading them to think the reason you can’t get hard for sex is that you are having an affair, that is when you know things are getting worse. I knew I had to fix my issue and fast.

Finding Best Methods To Help My ED

I spent weeks researching to find the best possible methods available to help me out of my dire situation.

Viagra popped up a lot in my research, and I decided to try it out. I should have waited and tested it before arousing Karen’s interests that I was better.

The night was a bust, and we lay in our bed with an awkward and embarrassing silence. Coursing, through my mind, was the thought that I had made things worse. The pressure to solve my ED was building up.

So eventually, I asked for help. If my doctor had not mentioned stress as a major cause, I would probably never have guessed it. I mean, my relationship was struggling on the rocky seas, and to finally understand the root of the cause gave me a little relief.

It was always embarrassing and sometimes outright humiliating when I couldn’t get an erection when my girlfriend was all fired up.

I asked why Viagra didn’t work, and the doctor said my problem wasn’t purely physical but psychological, and the simplest answer would be that Viagra doesn’t work for everyone.

What I needed was a combination of physical and psychological solutions. He recommended exercise, taking time off work, and pumps.

I eased off work a bit, focused primarily on aerobic exercises, and did some extensive research on pumps and oils. One particular product I am really proud of is the Lanthome Herbal Penis Enlargement Oil. It did everything as advertised and got me back on track.

I have put down the following methods I used as well as others that I researched and some that were recommended to me by health professionals. I am back to full gear and firing on all cylinders.

How I Got Rid Of My ED For Good!

Erectile Dysfunction affects about 30 million men in the United States alone. Having problems achieving or maintaining an erection is not the end of the road, and that is something I can testify to.

Several treatments and preventive measures have been well researched over the years to erase the erectile dysfunction problem, and I pondered over hours and hours of research.

I discovered that standard treatments for erectile dysfunction that actually work include vacuum pumps, creams and oils, exercise, and natural remedies. I will take you through what I have learned. Some I have tried, and others have been recommended to me by health professionals.

Natural Remedies

“From the earth, mother nature’s gift. A piece of her love”.

The lines above are from an excerpt from the poem, Give and Take by Enigma. In the poem, the poet stresses the gift nature has granted humanity.

A lot of what can heal us rests beneath our feet, so it is no surprise that many men with erectile dysfunction prefer natural remedies to other forms of treatments.

Some natural remedies I found include the age-old power of acupuncture. For those unlike me who have no fear of needles, studies show that acupuncture improves erections and sexual activity in at least 20 percent of ED patients.

Twenty percent seems like an amount too little, especially with conflicting results surrounding the overall efficiency results of acupuncture. More studies are being conducted, and researchers believe that the treatment holds significant potential.

On the other side of the natural remedy spectrum is an amino acid naturally present in the body. L-arginine helps the body make nitric oxide, and this enables blood vessels to relax, freeing the pathways to achieve and sustain a successful erection.

Unlike acupuncture, with its 20 percent success rate in patients, L-arginine gives a considerable 35 percent success rate in ED patients.

Further studies have shown that combining L-arginine with the plant product pycnogenol boosted the overall restoration rate of sexual activity to an incredible 80 percent. Before making my first decision to take Viagra, L-arginine was the stuff on my mind. I, however, piked the Viagra route, and part of the reason is below.

Viagra is a drug that does wonders in enabling an erection and improved sexual prowess in the heat of the moment. For the tea lovers, wouldn’t it be interesting to drink a natural Viagra remedy that boasts other essential health benefits?

Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is also called herbal Viagra. It does everything Viagra does but with an extra touch of added health bonuses. These include improved lung functioning and anti-inflammatory properties.


Exercise is not a new treatment. Health experts have been preaching the benefits of exercise for centuries. Exercise helps treat and prevent a variety of health issues, and Erectile Dysfunction is no different.

I wanted the best possible exercises which could focus on my Erectile Dysfunction issue. I wanted some exercises that I could easily fit into my busy schedule. Kegels and Aerobic exercises are my top picks.

Kegels Exercise

Kegels helped me a lot. Before I talk about my experience, let me try to explain what Kegels are before. Not to get too technical, but the ‘sciency’ stuff sounds cool, so here it goes:

The bulbocavernosus muscle enables the blood to flow through the penis during an erection and allows for ejaculation, and Kegel exercises focus on these particular muscles, strengthening them. By targeting the muscles in your pelvic region, Kegel exercises fight the effects of Erectile Dysfunction.

I found that it is simple to perform after the initial practice. One advantage of Kegel exercises is that I could perform them anywhere and in any position, standing, sitting, or lying down.

My daily regimen for Kegel exercises look like this: Three to four times a day, five minutes for each session. After a while, I saw significant improvements. I had longer, harder, lasting erections for satisfying sexual activity.

I do some Kegels usually when I’m sitting and not doing much. It helps to pass the time while strengthening the area you desperately need to get stuff going.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are my favorite to perform. The exercises are structured to focus on improving cardiovascular health.

By now, we know that blood flow is essential to achieve and maintain an erection. Anything that affects the flow of blood in your body will definitely hamper erection and sex performance.

For at least four times a day, I set aside at least 40 minutes for Aerobic exercises. I began seeing significant results in six to eight months.

Yes, you heard right—six to eight months.

I immersed myself in an Aerobic exercise regime, and boy, was I impressed. Like I said earlier, my work usually did not leave me time for any exercise, but I was focused and determined to solve my ED problem, and Aerobic exercises really worked wonders. In addition to treating Erectile Dysfunction, Aerobic exercises also help with obesity issues and keep the body in shape.

Creams and Oils

Creams and essential oils contain highly concentrated plant extracts that have beneficial effects on the body.

I know this because I tried a bunch of them. The oils and creams hold therapeutic benefits when applied to the skin.

The chemicals seep into the pores of the skin and perform their magical tasks.

Some people classify creams and oils into the natural remedy category, and strictly speaking, the two are not that different, but I still believe there lies a small difference.

I looked for out for creams and oils that contained extracts like ginger, watermelon seeds, aloe vera, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These oils helped stimulate my testosterone production, increase sustained sexual activity, remove bodily toxins, and increase my blood flow.

As I mentioned earlier, I am more of a coffee person than a tea person, but I have to say that I do enjoy the cinnamon my girlfriend puts in my tea.

Note: Before applying any oil or cream onto your penis, it is advisable to carefully read the ingredients to make sure you are not applying anything harmful or something that will cause an allergic reaction. It is important to consult a health professional before proceeding.

Lanthome Herbal Penis Enlargement Oil

The Lanthome Herbal Penis Enlargement Oil is the embodiment of a well-researched study of the vital and most essential plant extracts that offer the highest penis enlargement efficiency, and I absolutely love the product.

In particular, the beauty of this product is not just about enlarging one’s penis size as I discovered, with carefully selected all-natural ingredients, the oils helped stimulate and maximize blood flow to my penis.

For me, who was experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, this was a major plus. My sexual activity sustains longer. Once applied, effects can last from 90 to 120 minutes.

Adding the Lanthome Herbal Penis Enlargement Oil to my Erectile Dysfunction treatment routine helped speed up the treatment process.

Using Penis Pumps

Let us talk about pumps.

Penis pumps are devices that are widely used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. I purchased one of the more common types of pumps, which is the vacuum pump. I learned that there are ED benefits using penis pumps.

The pump works by drawing blood into the penis by creating a vacuum around the penis and causing blood to fill the space.

Another reason why pumps are quite popular is the incredible ability to increase the size of the penis.

I noticed quite the improvement in my length after my girlfriend said I’m not the same size as before. The before and after results using penis pump is noticeable.

EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump

EVO Automatic Penis Pump

Vacuum pumps are good, but after switching to automatic electric pumps, I declare that they are so much better. To gain effective results, it is best to work with precision.

This is precisely what the EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump offered me when I used it.

Incorporating the best technology available, the EVO Electric Pump helped treat my Erectile Dysfunction while increasing my penis size with more blood flow and easier operation than traditional, manually operated pumps.


Erectile Dysfunction is a big problem, but it is not a problem without a solution. As several factors are responsible for causing Erectile Dysfunction, it is advisable to learn what exactly is causing your particular situation just like I did.

My problem was a psychological one that manifested to become physical. I have eased off work and taken my Aerobic exercises to heart (pun intended). I apply my creams and use my pump, and I will say that I’m beginning to love cinnamon tea.


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