How to Make a Penis Pump

How to Make a Penis Pump

DIY penis pumps are laborious, but if you don’t have the money you can create a homemade penis pump. This page will help you how to make one.

Do you want to own a Bathmate penis pump but can’t afford one? Are you skillful enough to create one a DIY homemade penis pump

“How to make a penis pump?” I heard this question from a couple of friends who wanted to try penis pumping years ago. We were still in college at that time and didn’t have money to purchase things like penis pumps. It wasn’t a necessity at that time so we let it go.

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Fast forward, I can still find a number of men asking the same question because although they have the money, a penis pump is not their priority, due to their growing family and bills. For those who want a penis pump and for whatever reasons, you can’t purchase one, this page is for you.

Making a DIY penis pump can be challenging, but it’s possible. Thankfully, there are a number of homemade penis pump videos online that can guide you on how to get started.

Before I share with you the steps on how to make a penis pump, it’s important that you be aware of the things that you need to consider when making a homemade penis pump. Taking these things into consideration will help you produce a more secure and effective dick pump. Check out the list below.

  1. When choosing a cylinder, make sure that it is:
  • Rigid and sturdy
  • A transparent chamber is better as this lets you see your dick inside your DIY penis pump
  • The opening at the bottom should be wide enough to accommodate your penis in
  • The top opening of the cylinder should not be more than an inch diameter
  1. Your base should be
  • Soft and flexible
  • It’s better to purchase this at the store where you can touch and feel the material because this has a direct contact to your penis
  1. For the squeeze pump
  • You can create this using two parts, a hand-squeezing pump and a plastic tube.
  • Or you can purchase this online
  1. Pick a reliable adhesive
  • You will be attaching some items so make sure that your adhesive is strong
  • Don’t use kindergarten glue will not work. I recommend that you use 3M epoxy with a DP rating between 100 and 250

Are you ready to take the challenge? I will give you two ways to create a DIY penis pump, one for water penis pump and the other for the air penis pump. Let’s get started!

Homemade Water Penis Pump

Homemade Water Penis PumpWater penis pumps are deemed to be more effective and safer than the traditional air penis pump so I understand if you want a DIY Bathmate penis pump. Bathmate is the most popular and trusted brand when it comes to hydro penis pumps.

For those who can’t afford the original Bathmate, this homemade water penis pump is cheap but it works. However, don’t expect this to work like the Bathmate hydro pump, but you can definitely expect results.


  • Plastic reusable container
  • Seal (Plastidip)

This is very simple to do. Just put a seal (Plastidip) on the end of the plastic container and that’s it.

How to Use

Step 1: Fill the container with water.

Step 2: Insert your erect penis in the container.

Step 3: Press it against your body. Squeeze the tube to let some of the water out and you will feel an increase in suction. Be careful when doing this as the suction can be pretty strong.

Homemade Vacuum Penis Pump

Homemade Vacuum Penis PumpHere’s a simple DIY homemade penis pump for enlargement that you can easily follow. You can create one with less than $5 budget for the materials.

#Option 1


  • 300ml sports drink bottle
  • Sandpaper
  • Thin neoprene sheet
  • Vacuum cleaner


Step 1: Ready the sports drink bottle and mark a circle at the bottom. As shown here.

Step 2: Cut along the line.

Step 3: Smoothen the edge and the thread with a sandpaper

Step 4: Get a thin neoprene sheet (mouse pad material). Trace along the edges of a DVD

Step 5: Cut the circular pattern.

Step 6: Make a hole at the center.

Step 7: Attach it to the bottom of the bottle. To make this step more convenient, use a roll of tape, place the cut material above and insert the bottle at the center. Yes, push it!

Step 8: Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner that will fit the thread.

You can check this video to be properly guided:

How to Use This

This DIY penis pump works as the commercial ones. It’s also as easy to use.

Step 1: Place your penis at the hole that you can find at the bottom of the bottle.

Step 2: Insert the vacuum at the thread of the bottle and start pumping!

That’s it. With this homemade penis pump, you can start your penis enlargement exercise without spending too much.

#Option 2


  • Firm cylindrical chamber
  • Soft-rubber base
  • Squeeze pump
  • Adhesives


 Step 1: Cut the soft-rubber strips

Step 2: Attach the material you cut to the cylinder’s rim using epoxy adhesive.

Step 3: Drill two holes in the cylinder. The first one, equal to the squeeze pump’s tube’s outer diameter. The second, just a small hole that can be easily covered by the thumb.

Step 4: Attach the rim of the bigger drilled hole of the cylinder to the other end’s rim. Everything should be air-tight.

 How to Use

 Step 1: Make your penis erect or semi-erect and place it into the cylindrical chamber.

Step 2: Fit the rubber base and press it against your body.

Step 3: Squeeze the pump to increase pressure pushing the air out without covering the small hole.

Step 4: Cover and seal the vent when the squeeze pump is fully compressed letting it inflate.

Step 5: Repeat the procedure until you feel a high pressure.

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Take Away!

Homemade penis pumps are easy to make. You can actually create one in less than $15. However, don’t expect this to have the same quality as the commercial one, but you can definitely expect results.

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The main concern with DIY penis pumps is your safety. There is no way to measure the pressure and you should know that over pumping is not safe. If you are really in a tight budget, you can try these homemade vacuum penis pump and water penis pump for enlargement just be careful.

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