Best 3 Electric Penis Pump

Best 3 Electric Penis Pump

An electric penis pump is easier to use because it removes the laborious part of manually pumping your penis. However, you need to power this with batteries to make it work.

Looking for a cheap but effective penis pump for enlargement? If you say, “yes” then we have the answer for you –electric penis pumps!

Electric penis pumps are just like water and air penis pumps. All of them work using a vacuum, however, electric penis pumps are much cheaper.

Penis pumps are also more convenient to use because you can pump while you’re at the comfort of your bed. With hydro penis pump, you have to do it in the bath or shower.

I understand that you are on this page, to check the best electric penis pump. So, without further ado, here’s the electric penis pumps that you should consider to purchase.

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Evo Automatic Penis Pump

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Size Doctor Electric Penis

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Electric Vacuum Penis Pump

Electric penis pumps are designed to help you achieve a bigger and thicker dick. The suction is not as strong as those of the air and water penis pumps, but electric penis pumps are more affordable and I guarantee you, they work!

#1 Evo Automatic Penis Pump Review

EVO Automatic Penis PumpEvo penis pump is one of the most popular electric penis pumps in the market. It is built to last, but this is more expensive than the other brands.

Product Info

Material: ABS

Size: 290mm x 60mm


Just like the other electric penis pumps, this comes with a clear cylinder. It has a white or black head and a soft and stretchy sleeve made from TPE. This penis pump is also equipped with two buttons for easy operation.


Two-Button Control. This is equipped with two buttons the power button that is also used to control speed pumping (1 press = low, 2 press = moderate, 3 press= high, 4 press = stop) and release button to release air pressure.

Soft stretch sleeve. This penis pump is equipped with a soft stretch sleeve made from TPE. This is added for your comfort and to produce a great seal when pumping. But it is still recommended that you use this with lubricant. Also, this grommet will help you achieve the maximum vacuum.

2 scales for measurement. The scale will be helpful to you to monitor your gains over time. The scales in this dick pump is available in centimeters and inches.

Electrical vacuum technology. In general, electric penis pumps have inferior vacuum compared to water and air penis pumps. Thanks to this technology, EVO has a powerful and strong suction to help you enlarge your member and improve the strength of your erection.

  • Effective and easy to use
  • The best electric penis pump
  • Safely improve penile health and vitality
  • Made of certified medical silicone gel material
  • Phthalate-free
  • Crystal clear cylinder with a scale
  • Very light, perfect for traveling
  • Fast and long-lasting results
  • Expensive compared to the other electric penis pump
  • Can’t be used in the bath or shower
  • Should be kept from being wet
  • A lubricant is still required

EVO Automatic Penis Pump


Evo Automatic Penis Pump is on the higher end for an electric penis pump because it costs between $150 depending on the store. But, considering its quality and performance, Evo is a good buy.

I really felt the growth when I pumped for the first. I also love the scale on the cylinder because it makes monitoring my progress easier and more convenient. I must say the suction is great and the sleeve is high-quality. However, it’s still best if you apply a lubricant to make pumping more comfortable.

Since this is quite pricey for an electric pump, I decided to use this regularly. In fact, I take this wherever I go because I’m really determined to grow my dick and a 15 min a day session is doable.  Thankfully, this is very lightweight which makes it portable.

In addition, it’s very easy to use, no need for assembly, just plug and play. I’m very pleased with my Evo purchase because it really worked! I’m seeing my gains after a month of using it and I’m excited to continue using this pump.

 Rating: 4.5/5

#2 Canwin Electric Penis Pump Review

Canwin Electric Penis Pump ReviewCanwin Electric Penis Pump is another great electric penis pump. It’s as simple as Size Doctor but comes with additional features that you will surely love.

 Product Info

Material: Silicon, ABS, PVC

Size: 70 mm x 225 mm (diameter x height)

Weight: 0.88 pounds

Dimensions: 5.51 × 5.51 × 11.02 in


Canwin comes with a transparent cylinder made of high-quality ABS plastic. It is printed with a scale to allow yourself to see your gains while you pump. It also comes with a black head with blue buttons. It has blue sleeves made from medical grade silicone.


Ergonomic design. This penis pump is plain and simple making it very easy to use and clean. In addition, it has a scale printed on the transparent cylinder so you can measure the size of your gains.

2-Button Control. This penis pump has one function button which works as follows:

  • One-time press: First (low) pressure level
  • Two-time press: The second (moderate) pressure level
  • Three-time press: The third (high) pressure level
  • Four-time press: Power off

The other one is the pressure release button to release the vacuum once you’re done pumping.

Guaranteed safe. Canwin Electric Penis Pump is medically tested and it uses approved materials likes ABS plastics for the cylinder.

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Improves sexual power
  • Effectively enlarges the penis length and girth
  • Helps you achieve strong and full erections
  • No side effects compared to pills
  • More expensive than other electric penis pumps

Canwin Electric Penis Pump Review


Canwin is built with a good quality. When I received the penis pump, I immediately noticed its sturdy cylinder and flexible sleeves. I love the feel of the device, it’s something you can really bank on, perhaps because its price is almost close to Bathmate Hercules or Hydro 7 already.

The material is great and the best thing — it delivers the results it promises. I’m happy and satisfied with my purchase. For me, Canwin is a great find in terms of price and quality.

However, after purchasing this, I realize that if I’ll be spending close to $100, I should add more dollars to it and go for Bathmate Hydro7 instead. But if you are not willing to spend over a hundred bucks for your penis enlargement device, Canwin will be a great option.

Rating: 3.7/5

#3 Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump Review

Size Doctor Electric PenisSize Doctor is a popular brand for penis extenders. However, they also release their own electric penis battery pump.

Product Info

Dimension: 7 inches in length and 3.15 inches in diameter

Batteries: 2 AAA


Size Doctor penis pump is very simple. It comes with a white head and a transparent body. This is made by medical soft silicone gel material and is powered by USB cable.

With its 2-button control, you won’t get confused how to use this. One button serves as the power button with 3 levels of suction. The other is the quick-release valve.


2-Button control. As mentioned this is equipped with two buttons, one to turn the device on and off and control the speed, and the other as a quick-release valve.

Easy and safe to use. This penis pump is hygienic so you can use it with peace of mind. You are safe in this device.

Motorized pump. This is battery operated, so you don’t have to do the manual pumping. Just power this with battery and it should work as expected.

  • Affordable
  • Powerful suction
  • Not loud
  • Batteries last for many uses
  • Responsive and helpful support
  • It may need a little adjustments before you make it work
  • Small size (not for men with a big dick)

Size Doctor Electric Penis


Size Doctor is one of the most affordable penis pumps you can ever find in the market if you compare the price to traditional air penis pump and water penis pump. The great thing about this is… it is cheap and it works!

This penis pump has a good suction, when you put your member in the dick pump, you will immediately notice the changes and you will feel it when you remove your member from it.

I have various penis pumps and this is one of my favorites in terms of price and functionality. When I used this, I had to upgrade to a bigger penis pump after 3 months. The results were fast. It’s so much better from what I expected from it. I highly recommend this.

Rating: 3.5/5

How to Use Electric Penis Pump

How to Use Electric Penis PumpElectric penis pumps tend to be more simple in design compared to the traditional air pump. There are no tubes and hand pump to create suction. This is battery powered so it creates an automatic vacuum. Most also come with only two buttons to control the operation.

Here’s an overview of an electric penis pump.

The photo above is how most electric penis pumps are designed. So, here’s how you should use it.

Step 1: Put 3 AAA batteries in the battery case. To ensure that your electric penis pump will work make sure that you don’t forget the batteries.

Step 2: Put the head on the body including the silicon sleeve. The head is the upper part where you find the buttons while the sleeve is the flexible one at the bottom.

Step 3: Put on lube on the silicone sleeve and on your penis. Then, insert your dick inside the cylinder.

Step 4: Press the button on the top to turn on the pump. The pump will work with the first speed (low). Press it again to increase the speed to the second grade (moderate) and another press would be third grade (high). Press the button again for the fourth time to turn the device off.

Step 5: Press the button below to release the pressure when you are done with your session.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is for you to use the electric penis pump. If you use it correctly, you can expect results and you will love it!

Take Away!

Electric penis pumps are cheap, but they deliver the same results as the traditional air penis pump and hydro penis pumps. In addition, they have a simpler design which makes them easier and more convenient to use.

For men in a tight budget, electric penis pumps are more affordable. This is the best way to start your penis pumping journey.

If you want to learn the 5 dick pumps that we recommend for enlargement, you can check this page.